we are

Our story began when we decided to separate UX/UI services from software services as we were part of a Ruby on Rails devshop Visuality. We still cooperate on a regular basis when our clients ask us to implement apps we designed.

In a short time we grew to a team of 10+ professionals having one common goal – to create meaningful interfaces that are easy to use for everyone. We are very business driven therefore we always focus on understanding our partners and their objectives.


It all starts with the team spirit

At visux, team spirit is not just an empty phrase. We pay a lot of attention to working with people who are professional but also fun. We always have each other’s backs, and we spend a lot of time together, even if we are working remotely. We managed to create a team that “clicks”, supports each other, and goes to any length for the sake of the client. Our clients’ growth makes our growth possible.

It's not only about design

You bet, UX/UI is our major focus, but we are so much more! The visux team is made of experts in various areas and with different backgrounds. Thanks to that interdisciplinary approach we can take on complex projects that require knowledge from different fields. Whether you need market research, auditing or testing, data analytics, mapping customer journey, creating mockups or renders – we will make it happen!

They’re sincere, honest, and hardworking— we have similar values.

- Ehren Hanson, CEO Viewcy

In addition to being professional, they are very friendly and very human.

- Rafał Młodzki, Co-Founder, PhotoAiD

They are genuinely great people to work with.

- Emil Mikhailov, CEO Entry

Their level of design is notable in the workflow.

- Alex Circei, CEO Waydev

The full scope of services

We understand that sometimes, clients need more than just good design. Chill, we got this! Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help you with everything that’s related to the design and user-friendliness of your website/app. See our services section to find out more about what we do and how we do it.